About BiCE Mare

WINNER of What’s On Magazine’s Award in Best Seafood Restaurant category 3 years in a row, BICE Mare offers a contemporary fine dining experience. We serve Italian & seafood inspired cuisine in the heart of downtown Dubai. 

Our jam packed terrace offers a breathtaking view at the iconic Burj Khalifa & grand Dubai Mall fountain show day & night. Our kitchen is run by the well-known Chef Leonardo Maltese & his talented Italian kitchen team leaving guests immersed in the most pleasurable dining experience at every visit. 

BiCE Mare, is yet another award winning restaurant under the helm of the BICE Group with over 35 restaurants spanning the globe.

Local Gourmet

The network of BICE restaurants spanning the world commenced in 1926 in Milan under the vision of Beatrice Ruggeri, better known to her family and friends as BICE, known for her delectable Tuscany inspired cuisine, extraordinary hospitality and personal warmth that continues to embody the BICE philosophy worldwide. BICE Group presently operates 35 restaurants worldwide spanning the US, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Click here to learn more about the BiCE Brand.
About Bice Mare
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